Objectives of the organisation 

Free Press Unlimited is Public Welfare Organisation whose objective is the promotion of freedom of the press and media initiatives, especially in fragile and repressive States and in underdeveloped countries. Read more here about the vision and mission of Free Press Unlimited.

Every year, around the month of May, Free Press Unlimited presents its Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements to the public through its website. Both the Annual Report and Financial Plan are classified as policy plans. Read our Annual Plan for 2014 here . 

Remuneration Policy 


Free Press Unlimited has two Directors, who together constitute the Board. Leon Willems is Chairman of the Board and Ruth Kronenburg is a board member. Each has their own set of duties and responsibilities. Read more about them here . In determining the board remuneration the Directive on Remuneration Scheme Directors of Charities of the VFI and the Wijffels Code were followed. The remuneration is subsequently fixed in accordance with the salary scales in the Legal Regulations of Free Press Unlimited. These are revised annually and made known to stakeholders and interested parties. The level of the Board remuneration is mentioned each year in the Annual Report. Free Press Unlimited places importance on mentioning that the Board and management remuneration (including members of the Management Team) is considerably lower than the maximum allowable remuneration in compliance with the Wijffels Code.


Free Press Unlimited has a Supervisory Board. The tasks and responsibilities of the Supervisory Board are described in the Articles of Association. The Chairman and members of the Supervisory Board perform their duties without remuneration.


Free Press Unlimited has its own Legal Regulations where terms and conditions of employment for staff (including Board and management) are set out. Revisions take place in consultation with the Personnel Representatives and are determined once a year. Grading takes place based on set function descriptions and corresponding salary scales (maximum 10). Remuneration takes place in accordance with the Focus system. The Focus system is described in detail in the Legal Regulations.


RSIN No.: 850683476

Commercial Register No.: 52957535

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