Journalism through chat media

A story about how Radio Dabanga engages with their audience through chat media such as WhatsApp. Read more

Bengali news for kids paves the way for fair education

Schools in Bangladesh have been dealing with exam fraude for years. Especially children with rich parents used to benefit from this. Read more

Press freedom under siege- also in democracies

Press freedom and freedom of speech are rapidly declining, also in democratic countries. Time to intervene. Read more

Albana Shala re-elected as chair of UNESCO´s IPDC

Albana Shala got re-elected as chair of UNESCO's IPDC. We asked her to reflect on the past two years and share her ambitions for the years to come. Read more

More and more women give colour to community radio in Bangladesh

Women in Bangladesh can work as a journalist at the community radio station in their own village, thanks to an education.  Read more

Mahrukh Jabeen on being a female journalist in Pakistan

“I didn’t know when I began working with media that I would be the first woman journalist in Pakistan." Read more

Citizen journalism as a tool to bring stories from refugees

After following a StoryMaker training, Tafan Najat from Kurdistan made her first story about the change of clothing for women inside a refugee camp. Read more

The Noken Women of Jayapura

Ully Taliwongso decided to make a number of programs for ROCK FM focusing on the production of Noken bags by local poor women in Jayapura. Read more

Mama Radio decreases security incidents in DR Congo

Because of the approach of Mama Radio there were no security incidents since the 12 months of their existence. This is remarkable for DR Congo. Read more

Coaching in Syria: mixing war and wedding ceremonies

How do you train people who just come from war? Read the story of Mona, senior coach for reporters that work for our partner organisations in Syria. Read more

An impressive job: kids in the shoes of journalists

During the Instagram Takeover, we gave kids the inspiring opportunity to be a journalist for a day and interview high level decision makers. Read more

Mobile journalism leads to opportunities and changes in Zimbabwe

Women in the community of Matopo, an area in Zimbabwe prone to drought, poverty and hunger, started a jam making project to help earn a living. Read more