An impressive job: kids in the shoes of a journalist

During the Instagram Takeover, we gave kids the inspiring opportunity to be a journalist for a day and interview high level decision makers. Read more

Mobile journalism leads to opportunities and changes in Zimbabwe

Women in the community of Matopo, an area in Zimbabwe prone to drought, poverty and hunger, started a jam making project to help earn a living. Read more

Suara Surabaya is not a radio station, it's a social institution

Ruth Kronenburg was travelling to Indonesia for a conference, and decides to take a detour for the popular community radio station Suara Surabaya. Read more

'We have a big responsibility'

The license of Z Kids News was suspended. Fortunately the lockdown ended, in the same week Z Kids News celebrated its 10th anniversary! Read more

Caught in Juba's war zone

This July, violence erupted again in Juba, South Sudan. The city turned into a war zone. Marnix de Witte was evacuated and shares his story. Read more

Storymaker People: Hicham Mansouri

Hicham Mansouri, investigative journalist from Morocco, believes that “StoryMaker can serve people who sincerely want to advocate for human rights.” Read more

StoryMaker People: Walid Kerkeni

Walid Kerkeni created a Facebook community for Sayada that has over 10.000 followers and uses StoryMaker to create stories that bring people together. Read more

StoryMaker People: Mohamed Nasri

StoryMaker transformed Mohamed Nasri from an activist into a journalist. “It’s not ethical to spread a picture of a policeman without a head.” Read more

The growing threats to media independence in Europe

The share of the world’s population that enjoys a free press stands at less than 14 percent according to a report just released by Freedom House. Read more

Media and social responsibility in Mali

How can media contribute to peace in Mali? Daniela Russo travelled to Mali’s capital Bamako, exploring possibilities for media development projects. Read more

Cross-border citizen journalism in solidarity against terrorism

Free Press Unlimited in cooperation with Al Khatt organized a StoryMaker training for fifteen young citizen journalists from across Tunisia. Read more

Amongst the leopards

And we are off. We left Johannesburg and hit the road for the main goal of our expedition: filming at Daktari Bush School. Read more