Changing female presence in the Nepali media

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Breaking barriers: The first transgender radio host in Pakistan

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Meeting Mohamad

Marlena Waldthausen traveled to Austria with the Postcode Lottery Fund. She follows Mohamad, who is eight years old, but has a rare genetic... Read more

Help desk improves the safety of journalists in Nepal

Freedom Forum's help desk for journalists is run by Ashmita Pokharel and aims to improve the safety of Nepalese journalists. Read more

More attention to the rights of children in Nepal thanks to youth news

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Radio Dabanga censored by Sudan even in outer space

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Improving the representation of Congolese women in the media

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A story about a hero of press freedom

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Unbiased news from Syria goes global via WhatsApp

With a Whatsapp group for journalists and activists the Syrian Journalists Association prevented East Ghouta from being completely shut down. Read more

Paving the way for gender-sensitive reporting through taboo issues

Thanks to Mama Radio, women in Bukavu are now starting to open up to discuss topics that they were ashamed to talk about before.  Read more

Mobile journalism of life-and-death importance in the DRC

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Live broadcast prevents Kurdish population migration

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