A professional perspective on the news in Iran

Radio Zamaneh is an example of succesful media development and acts as a source with insight in Iran for other media. Read more

Online whistleblower platforms: protecting the source

Nowadays it becomes more and more important that whistleblowers can safely and anonymously share information with investigative reporters. Read more

Safety training for journalists in Central America

Free Press Unlimited initiates safety trainings for journalists. Safety enhances independent quality journalism. Read more

'Outcome harvesting' is it really that boring?

Director of Operations Ruth Kronenburg joined a meeting with Somali partners in Nairobi on the outcomes of our projects. Read more

A journalist’s story of a long human life

JAMnews published a prize-winning report on Meskhetians. After being deported by Stalin in WWII, they returned to the place they were born. Read more

Reporting on Cholera from Amsterdam

Sudan's government suppresses reports on a nationwide cholera epidemic. Radio Dabanga is the only medium informing its audience about the disease. Read more

A tragedy for journalism

Kees van Baar, Human Rights Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, talks about how Sander Thoenes became the news instead of reporting it. Read more

Dialogue in a country at war

Do we have more in common than differences? This question brought a Syrian-Arabic magazine and a Syrian-Kurdish radio station together. Read more

Journalistic and leadership skills for women in Nigeria

Bethel Tsegaye from Free Press Unlimited co-facilitated a three-day training for 15 female journalists in Nigeria. In this blog she shares her... Read more

Journalism through chat media

A story about how Radio Dabanga engages with their audience through chat media such as WhatsApp. Read more

Iraqi women present dissenting views online

The online platform Takalami is set up by and for Iraqi women. Here, they find information relevant to them and talk about their problems and rights. Read more

Bengali news for kids paves the way for fair education

Schools in Bangladesh have been dealing with exam fraude for years. Especially children with rich parents used to benefit from this. Read more