Is regulation a frontal attack on press freedom?

Today is a good day. This morning I reconnected to the internet and was able to do my digital homework. Thank god for the digital era. Read more

How can you keep ignoring 50% of the population?

Veet Vivarta, the Executive secretary of ANDI, tries to bring journalists forward and say what they have to say about children as an audience. Read more

​​​​​​​But first of all... let's sing!

The meeting is organized according to good Latin American standards: all important guests are seated in a front row. Read more

Afghanistan from the perspective of young female writers

Minka Nijhuis was inspired by four young female writers she met in the city of Herat shortly after the fall of the Taliban. Read more

Caucasus Multimedia Workshop - an antidote of stereotype

During the first week of September, the Multimedia Education Centre in Tbilisi was buzzing with sounds and images from all over the Caucasus. Read more