Stick to the facts

Stick to the facts!

Stop Fake News

High quality journalism faces a major challenge in these times where fake news and disinformation are all around us. That´s why, on 20 July, we launched the campaign #StickToTheFacts, where we highlight the importance of sticking to the facts and searching for reliable information. Journalists are our guideline in this. They make sure news is truthful, honest and independent.

We believe that everyone should have access to independent, reliable information. As Free Press Unlimited, we stimulate qualitative investigative journalism worldwide in order to increase access to reliable information and to counteract fake news and misinformation.

Our #StickToTheFacts campaign serves exactly that purpose: to fight fake news by promoting independent, qualitative journalism, and thereby the facts. In the coming weeks, we will share tips, stories and experiences on our social media through our stick to the facts post its. Join us!

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The Free Press Unlimited team has sure seen its share of fake news and disinformation. Therefore they like to share their experience and tips with you during the campaign. Below you find their #StickToTheFact messages!

Lidewij van Vliet - Fundraising Officer

Lidewij van Vliet

The post it reads in Dutch: I am selective in my choice of sources.

“When the pandemic broke out, I was living in the U.S. and felt overwhelmed by the constant flow of information coming from all kinds of sources. Ultimately, I decided to stick to one source I knew I could trust, and got all my information from there."

Jos Bartman - Research Coordinator for A Safer World For The Truth

Jos Bartman

The post it reads: Diversify your sources.

¨It is not always plain to see whether something is fake news. Sometimes it can be partially true, but news can also be misinterpreted, manipulated or misleading, because certain things are left out or used in various strategic ways. To be able to recognise this, it is useful to diversify your sources.¨


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