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Together for Reliable Information

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Together with our partner (media) organisations worldwide, Free Press Unlimited starts the campaign 'Together for Reliable Information'. With the campaign we will highlight the importance of reliable information and bring positive and inspiring stories from our partner (media) organisations.

Providing reliable information

Access to reliable information is crucial, now more than ever. However, in some countries, journalists are being intimidated, pressured, censored and arrested, to stop them reporting, so reliable information is hard to get. Despite the pressure, our partners continue to report the news and journalists and media professionals continue to provide the public with reliable information. 

During the campaign ‘Together for Reliable Information’ we bring you positive and inspiring stories on how our partner (media) organisations provide their public with reliable information on COVID-19, despite the many challenges they face. With frontline videos, podcasts, and weekly live streams from Pakhuis De Zwijger we show you what journalism is in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Join the campaign!

We all have a responsibility to get the facts and stay informed. We need journalists to keep us informed on COVID-19 and bring us reliable information on the pandemic. That way, we know what to do to stay healthy and safe and prevent further spread of the virus. We are in this together. So join us and help us support journalists and share reliable information. You can join by:


Photo: Paul Enkelaar

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