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Radio Dabanga

Free Press Unlimited supports Radio Dabanga: a radio station made by Darfuri for Darfuri. Radio Dabanga started broadcasting news and information programmes in Darfur on 1 December 2008. The news bulletins are broadcast in Darfur Arabic and in five local languages.

The news is supplied by correspondents in Darfur and other locations in Sudan, with the central editorial team established in the Netherlands. This arrangement has been decided on because it is impossible to set up an independent radio station in Sudan. The Sudanese government is not happy with the radio station and tries to disrupt its broadcasts by means of a jammer.

The Sudanese media climate is very restrictive. All media in Sudan are controlled by the government. Print media are subject to censorship and the government owns the country’s radio and television stations. In addition, journalists apply a considerable amount of self-censorship.

With over two million listeners, Radio Dabanga is a major success in Darfur. In 2011, the station broadcasts two and a half hours per week. A listener survey showed that approximately 60% of the population is familiar with Radio Dabanga and listens to the station. Researcher Graham Mytton said that never before in his career had he observed such a high percentage of listeners in the case of a relatively young radio station.

The website www.radiodabanga.org offers all the recent news in English and Arabic. Here, you can also listen to all of Radio Dabanga’s broadcasts.