Advocacy for Media: Call for Expression of Interest

Advocacy initiative for emerging professional Syrian advocates for media. This call offers two opportunities, you can apply as an individual journalist to the training programme, and/or you can apply as an organization for the advocacy action grant.

Free Press Unlimited offers two opportunities in this call for applications:

  1. A second-edition professional development opportunity for future professional ‘Syrian Advocates for media’
  2. Grants for advocacy actions for the Syrian media sector

For information in Arabic click on the document below:

The Syria programme at Free Press Unlimited is rooted in the ambition to strengthen and promote independent and professional media. But when it comes to protection of the press, promotion of independent media or protection of audience rights, ‘advocates for media’ are needed. These are individuals who can advocate for the rights, interests and responsibility of the media. The approach of this project is completely inclusive and has the ambition to include voices and realities of different media initiatives across geographies, genders, identities and the civil society sector. Respect for sensitivities and security is taken seriously into consideration throughout the whole process.

"To be a media actor, to do your work safely and maintain civic space, you need to advocate."

This call offers two opportunities, you can apply as an individual journalist to the training programme, and/or you can apply as an organization for the advocacy action grant. To apply to this call, please regard either Section A for training, or Section B for grants.


This training opportunity aims to strengthen skills for advocates for media (journalists, media workers, civil society workers and activists), or bring those skills to the next level. You will gain further insights on how you can strategise your work and activities; learn how to identify and define issues and have creative new entry points for advocacy initiatives addressing media related issues in the Syrian context, nationally and internationally. This is also a chance to develop the idea you always wanted to realize or you are working on currently. In this course spanning over 2 months with 4 modules you will receive input and advice, you will exchange ideas and learn how to use various tools. The format will offer: online training, masterclasses, networking sessions and individual coaching.

What the training offers:

  • A free personal professional development opportunity to learn or to improve your advocacy knowledge and your advocacy skills
  • Advice and coaching to bring your advocacy ideas to qualitative action
  • Increased advocacy leadership skills and communication abilities
  • An opportunity to join an advocacy task force to develop advocacy strategies
  • Strategic insight and strategic tools
  • Discover aspects of a local, regional and international media policy framework
  • Expand your network via a diverse group and receive peer review
  • Added value and experience to your work and/or bring your knowledge back to your organization
  • A certificate is only awarded to successful completion and commitment to the full short learning programme (all 4 training modules)

 The key training elements of the training include:

  • Media policy and legal framework (local & international)
  • Strategic Advocacy planning
  • Power of Media Organizing – Media for Change
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Gender and inclusion in media activism
  • Risk Management and Security
  • Building for the future – Impact and sustainability
  • Networking and exchange

Eligibility for training:

  • Has an interest/ambition in advocacy-related topics
  • Applicants should be Syrian professionals in media or CSOs
  • Is available to meet at least twice a month, over 2 months
  • Is fully available and committed to follow the advocacy training (4 training modules). Attendance compulsory for completion certificate
  • Speaks Arabic, and English is strongly recommended for the international dimension that advocacy can have
  • Has developed communication skills (written and oral) as a public speaker or to convey a strong message
  • Internet connection/electricity is feasible at the minimum level
  • Is available to set aside some days for study or reading of policy documents (e.g: 2 days a month)
  • Has a curious and critical mind, has a priority to defend human rights, and is open to work with others who have diverse backgrounds and professionally discuss controversial issues
  • Applicants have an advantage if:
    • they have already worked in advocacy or have been part of some activities
    • they have abilities in one or more of these fields: human right/media policy analysis, writing of communication material, networking, contact with local, and/or regional, and/or international organizations.


  • Phase 1: Registration/application (July)
  • Phase 2: Selection of participants (July-August)
  • Phase 3: Training sessions and assignment (August)
  • Phase 4: Round up, evaluation and certificate (September)

To apply for the free training click on the button below and fill out the application form.

Apply here


Free Press Unlimited offers small grants for advocacy actions for the Syrian media sector. Media organizations, media institutions, and independent journalists can submit a proposal for an advocacy action between the months of July and November 2022. Types of projects could be but are not limited to: events, press conferences, policy briefs, research and in-depth reporting, advocacy action, campaign, social / policy dialogue, creative tools, crowdfunding, advocacy tools, monitoring and accountability mechanisms.

What the grant offers:

  • Grants can be awarded within the maximum of 8000 Euros
  • Feedback and coaching on proposal development
  • Coaching and capacity building (where needed) during implementation
  • Support covering: advocacy outreach, inclusivity, and security practices
  • Guidance with project monitoring and reporting

Criteria of eligibility for the grant:

  • Syrian Independent media institutions
  • Syrian CSOs that work for supporting media / or with media for advocacy
  • Inside Syria and in exile (collaborations across geography is also encouraged)
  • Diversity of geographic representation
  • Diversity in the media sector (media outlets and media institutions - Printed, Digital, or broadcasting etc.)
  • Gender balance within the institution and implementing team
  • Diversity in ethnic, gender, age representation


  • Phase 1: Proposal submission and project development (July)
  • Phase 2: Project implementation (anywhere between July - November)
  • Phase 3: Monitoring and evaluation (December)
  • Phase 4: Learning exchange - throughout the implementation period for those willing to participate

How to apply

  • Deadline for application - 4 July 2022

  • To apply for the training programme please fill in this application form

    • The training is free, but a maximum number of applicants will be selected on the basis of their motivation and they will only receive a certificate upon successful completion

  • To apply for the Grants opportunity, please send an email to:

    • You can find the Proposal and Budget template that you can use for your application here.


Free Press Unlimited values inclusion, diversity and equality. We encourage Syrian women and diverse organizations to apply. We also encourage Syrians to apply no matter where they operate as the programme is offered online.

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