External Evaluation Expert (consultancy)

For a running programme in Syria, Free Press Unlimited is looking for an External Evaluation Specialist – someone who has the relevant experience to conduct an independent programme evaluation in the region and the media field.

Free Press Unlimited is implementing a third running programme in Syria, titled 'Cohesion through Independent and Inclusive Media (CIIM)', which is part of a long term strategy that started almost 10 years ago. From 2021- 2023, Free Press Unlimited is working with several Syrian media organisations to strengthen the role of Syrian media in promoting dialogue among divided Syrian communities. Free Press Unlimited, and its strategic partners, see greater inclusivity, accountability and trust within Syrian society as key to reconciliation and peace. To encourage these values and empower actors, we will support diverse activities that fall within three interconnecting “change pathways”: Inclusivity, Dialogue, and Accountability. Free Press Unlimited is looking for an External Evaluation Specialist – who has the relevant experience to conduct an independent programme evaluation in the region and the media field.

This call is open to both individuals and formed teams as long as one of the team members is a native Arabic speaker.

Main objectives

  • Media outlets, professionals, civil society organisations jointly engage as and with change makers in Syria for dialogue towards social cohesion, trust, inclusiveness in the Syrian society.

  • Syrian youth (women and men) become more media literate, allowing them to become more resilient to misinformation and hate speech, and they are empowered in expressing their voices and promoting their rights in the media, dialogue and society.

  • Media outlets / professionals and CSOs increase cross sector collaboration to develop mechanisms to hold duty bearers accountable, promote ethical journalism, and work towards inclusive solutions for Syrian society.

Specific objectives

  • To support and contribute to the dialogue and advocacy efforts planned and implemented by both FPU and the supported partners.

  • To improve the accountability of the governing authorities through investigative and solution journalism.

Your challenge

You will be working towards an evaluation report that includes recommendations to Free Press Unlimited on possible lessons learned and good practices from the first 1.5 years of implementation. This effort is aimed to measure results as well as offering ground for continuous improvement of our beneficiaries and our work in fragile states. We are looking for a pro-active, professional and enthousiastic person who is familiar with the Syrian media sector.

Main job responsibilities

Produce analysis and an evaluation report, which entails, but is not limited to, the following points:

  • An assessment of well informed opinions of all the relevant stakeholders (e.g. programme staff, implementing partner, and direct beneficiaries) on the following points:

    • An assessment of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, impact and methodology of the activities of Free Press Unlimited;

    • An evaluation report that gives a clear sense of any achievements, shortcomings and particularly the impact of the programme on the beneficiaries, with clear recommendations on how to improve the programme; and feeds into the upcoming mid-term and final evaluation in the years to come;

    • Evaluate the impact of the dialogue sessions implemented by the supported partners;

    • Explore how FPU supported partners are using the accountability mechanism and analyze the impact of the mechanism on the quality and impartiality of the content produced;

    • Evaluate the impact of the dialogue sessions implemented by the supported partners;

    • Explore how have media development interventions helped strengthen the independent media sector and supported cohesion and dialogue among Syrian audiences;

    • Explore what were the steps taken by the media outlets that participates in the accountability? And what was intended by these steps.

This effort is aimed to measure results according to the indicators in the results framework as well as unintended results. We expect the evaluator to use methods that ensure data validity, e.g. through triangulation.


  • Work collaboratively and communicate adequately with the Free Press Unlimited team.

  • Propose research and assessment plan ideas directly to the Programme Coordinator.

  • Design, manage and draft the evaluation report.

  • Report on research progress directly to the Programme Coordinator.

  • Identify and/or develop guidance and tools for designing, monitoring and evaluating for mid-term and/or final evaluation of this programme.


  • Experience in Program Evaluation with experience in international NGO environment preferably within the Syrian context. Please specify in your motivation letter which evaluation methodologies you have experience with;

  • Experience with analysis of quantitative and qualitative data;

  • Track record in producing assessment and evaluation reports;

  • Fluent in written and spoken English, and Arabic is a must, preferably someone who is familiar with the Syrian context;

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;

  • Flexible, creative, reliable and independent worker and a collaborative team player;

  • Excellent work ethics;

  • Ability to travel to project locations in Turkey and the European Union;

  • Ability to work on an independent (short term) consultancy contract


Read more about the assignment in the Terms of Recommendation below:

We offer

We offer an output-based freelance contract, in a dynamic international environment with a competitive compensation package along with an insurance and safety network. Free Press Unlimited uses fair selection criteria based on equal opportunities.

What we do

Across the globe, journalists and media pioneers have taken it on themselves to supply their communities with objective information. Free Press Unlimited actively supports these professionals in over 50 countries, by offering them, among other things, training and temporary financial and material aid, and by strengthening their professional capacity. This to help as many people as possible gain and keep access to truly vital information. For many people around the world, access to reliable information is by no means a given. Nevertheless, impartial information is of crucial importance to all of us if we wish to survive and develop as human beings. 


If you are interested in this position, please send your motivation letter and CV (preferably in PDF format) before 30 November 2022 to vacanciessyria@freepressunlimited.org. Expected start date in January 2022. The closing date for this post may be brought forward or extended depending on the volume and strength of applications.

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