Small Grant Fund for Syrian CSO-Media Co-Production

Free Press Unlimited invites independent Syrian media outlets and civil-society organisations (CSOs) to form partnerships, or small consortia, to together apply for the 2023 round of the Small Grant Fund for Syrian CSO-Media Co-Production.

The project aims to build productive partnerships between Syrian CSOs and media in order to tell original, impactful stories that are relevant to Syrian audiences across geographic and political lines. Through collaborative reporting and advocacy, the Co-Production Fund highlights on-the-ground realities while promoting dialogue and inclusivity.

Responding to new crises and geopolitical shifts

The earthquake that engulfed parts of Syria and Turkey in February 2023 brought a new and unforeseeable level of devastation to communities and regions already struggling under the weight of the 12-year conflict. The human cost of the disaster has been immeasurable and its effects transformative with the destruction of homes, livelihoods, education and healthcare systems. The heightened precarity of its aftermath has shed light on existing gender, ethnic and social inequalities and raised unanswered questions about political accountability and humanitarian aid. So as well, the ongoing emergency has highlighted capacities for resilience, mobilisation and solidarity in new forms. 

At the same time, the catastrophe has further altered the dynamics of politics in Syria - the shifting geopolitical alliances currently taking place in the Syrian context will have significant implications for governance in the fragmented country as well as for the social, political and material conditions of Syrians on the ground and in exile.

As such, the events of 2023 have brought renewed urgency to many of the existing issues affecting Syrians and ushered in new developments that require critical attention. In the light of these new crises and geopolitical developments, the 2023 edition of the Co-Production Fund invites projects that address long-standing systematic issues on themes including:

  • Accountability & transparency
  • Community-building
  • Diversity & minorities
  • Gender, race and social equality
  • Livelihoods & labour
  • Displacement
  • Dialogue across geographic and political lines
  • The politics of humanitarian aid
  • Resilience & rehabilitation
  • Sustainability & resources

FPU seeks collaborations between media outlets and CSOs from diverse social and geographic backgrounds to document stories with professional, ethical and solutions-based journalism.

What we offer

  • A small grant of 1,700 euros per organisation to support production costs.
  • Weekly one-hour sessions with a media advocacy or editorial expert.
  • Guidance throughout the proposal and production process.
  • A media and advocacy information pack.
  • A chance to compete for cash prizes.

Watch a video about participants’ experiences of the 2021 Co-Production Fund.



  • Applicants must be Syrian media or CSOs (working inside or outside Syria).
  • Applicants must be able to form a partnership or small consortia (maximum three organisations) of media and civil society organisations.
  • Partnerships must include at least one media and one civil society organisation.
  • Applicants are able to prove reasonable capacity, recent activity, and on-the-ground presence (i.e., portfolio, website, social media, interviews etc.).
  • Applicants should have a social media presence.
  • Applicants choose a topic under the themes mentioned above.
  • The roles of partner/consortia members are clearly defined.

How to express your interest and to apply    

  • Fill in this online application.
  • Include ALL requested information (further details will be provided at the proposal stage).
  • For additional information contact: secretariatcpf[at]
  • Deadline for submissions is 22 June 2023. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

What happens next?

  • Expressions of interest will be selected based on:
    • Relevance and feasibility of proposed idea.
    • Applicants’ capacities.
    • Relevance of applications to the project brief.
  • Short-listed applications will be notified within one week of the deadline.
  • Shortlisted partners will be invited to develop a proposal package in June, with guidance from our expert coaches.
  • The proposals will be assessed by a panel of judges to determine which participants receive a grant.
  • Successful participants will receive advocacy and media training, and funding to develop a collaborative media production.
  • Training will take place over eight weeks from July onwards, with final productions submitted in September.  
  • The final media outputs will compete for the Co-Production Prize.

The grant is financed by Free Press Unlimited, with funding from Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). The fund is managed by Free Press Unlimited through the CPF Secretariat. You may contact us via secretariatcpf[at]

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