In many countries there is still great inequality between men and women in the media. Both in the positions they hold and in the way they are represented. With Men4Women we want to highlight the importance of gender equality throughout the media.

Equal opportunities and rights for women

The statistics of women in the media are alarming. For example, only 4% of all newspapers, radio and TV reports worldwide challenge gender stereotypes. These figures haven't changed since 1995. Women should have equal rights and opportunities. Wifes, sisters and daughters, but also men have the right to see, hear and read about inspiring role models.


On 8 March -International Women's Day- together with local media partners, Free Press Unlimited wants to highlight women's rights and gender equality in the media. From Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Mali and Iraq. All over the world there is a movement of men who take action and show solidarity with their courageous female colleagues. Men who stand up for equality; also in the interests of their colleagues, women, sisters, daughters and their brothers and sons. 

Join us!

You too can join this global movement. Choose one or more actions:

  • Join the movement in one of the countries mentioned above; 
  • Take a selfie with one of the shouts and post it on social media. Don't forget to add #M4W18;
  • Speak out on Twitter and show that gender equality in and throughout the media is important to you. You can use one of the example tweets or create your own tweet. Don't forget to add #M4W18;
  • Use a Men4Women Facebook frame and adjust your profile picture.
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