Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Albana Shala, programme coordinator at Free Press Unlimited, elected to be chair of UNESCO's International Programme for the Development of Communication panel.

'Chairperson is a role I consider a great honour and pleasure to accept', says Shala. 'Due to my present and past work I have been able to follow IPDC's work from the sidelines. The core values of the organisation are highly relevant in today's world. Due to technological developments, even small projects can have a great impact, reaching to millions and setting examples of bravery, dignity, solidarity, in their search for truth, justice and peace.'

Shala will be chair for the coming two years and is the first ever woman chair of IPDC .The Council of the IPDC also elected a woman Rapporteur, Diana Heymann-Adu (Ghana), a senior lecturer from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Albana Shala

International Programme for Development of Communication

IPDC was set up in 1980 as the only intergovernmental programme in the United Nations system mandated to mobilise international support in order to contribute to sustainable development, democracy and good governance by strengthening the capacities of free and independent media.