Monday, January 25, 2010
After 10 years, Albanian and Serbian radio stations have finally established a long-term partnership.

Regional radio- and television stations have founded a regional network organization – INC Network – consisting of a lobby- and consultative body, a production headquarters for joint broadcasts and an organization for commercial advertising. By joining forces the stations can exchange more news, raise funds, invest and lobby together.

Under the leadership of radio station Urban FM from Pristina, several regional radio stations from Kosovo have worked together on the daily independent program INC for a year now. The program has first became a success during the elections in Kosovo in 2009. Even though Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, several Serbian stations have contributed to news coverage for INC already. The successful INC-cooperation, has lead to increased collaboration within the network. Remarkably enough, apart from Kosovar-Albanian channels, also Kosovar-Serbian stations have joined the INC Network.

The idea for the regional INC Network in Kosovo originated during workshops for the cooperating stations, conducted by Free Press Unlimited trainer Rudie van Meurs. Being in the Netherlands, Urban FM's Arientin Abdyli discovered the advantages of regional cooperation, considering higher qualitative news, commercial advertising and representation of interests. The radio stations who are now a member of the INC Network of Radio Urban FM, Radio Prizren, Radio Vizioni, Radio Ferizaj Radio Theranda, Radio Mitrovica, Radio Vizioni, Radio Ferizaj, radio Kllokot, Radio Borzana and Radio MIR.

Albana Shala, Project coordinator for Free Press Unlimited, supports the creation of the network and will soon organize an exchange between R.O.O.S. And the INC Network. Shala is excited about the cooperation: 'The audience of INC News is surprised, most of them hadn't heard Serbian news on their station for years. This is a good development: people also have to give voice to one another.'