Tuesday, November 27, 2012
'We are very honoured with this prize. Shortly after our foundation, we regard this award as an important encouragement and recognition of our initiative's wide support!', says co-founder Niels ten Oever after he received the price for 'Best social Internet initiative' on 22 November. The brand-new Internet Protection Lab is an initiative from Free Press Unlimited, Hivos en XS4ALL. The Lab has been founded to protect journalist, bloggers and activists in countries ruled by repressive regimes.

'Noble initiative'Only this autumn the Internet Protection Lab has been founded, and it now already has won a prize. The ISOC awards were presented 22 November during the conference 'Pioneering & The New Internet', honouring Internet Society Netherlands' five year anniversary. The jury described the Internet Protection Lab as a 'noble initiative'. The Lab's founders support digital freedom of speech, all over the world. In the west we are used to say whatever we like on the Internet, in many countries you are exposed to danger by doing so. Many authorities monitor, censor or block the Internet. Globally skeptical journalists, activists and bloggers disappear behind bars. The lab has been founded to support these skeptical citizens with open, free and safe Internet-connections, which make digital activities much harder to screen by authorities. 

Combining forces
The initiators XS4ALL, Hivos and Free Press Unlimited work with different focuses and angles. According to Margreth Verhulst of XS4ALL, this variety of perspectives contributes to the Lab's strength. The initiators have an enormous network worldwide and have a broad and accurate knowledge of local situations. 'XS4ALL has lots of technical skills', Verhulst states. This combination of forces is of vital importance for Internet Protection Lab's projects. 'Also other lab-members Greenhost, Chokepoint, Tactical Technology Collective and Virtual Road contribute their expertise. Together, we can rapidly and effectively support digital freedom around the world.'