Friday, July 13, 2018
270 Journalists, media-workers and activists are trapped by Syrian militia in southern Syria and facing imminent danger. The Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) calls upon international organisations and associations to put pressure on governments to protect them.

On July 9th, the Syrian Journalists Association also pleaded to ensure the safety of the journalists by opening the border to Jordan for those willing to cross.

More and more journalists and media workers are forced to leave the country. The Syrian regime and its allies seem to deliberately get rid of reporters. During the attack on Eastern-Ghouta the regime also forced independent journalists to leave the area. Free Press Unlimited and its media partner Syrian Journalists Association are very worried that hardly any independent journalists will be left to report about what is really happening in Syria.

Free Press Unlimited supports different Syrian media organisations and institutions, to help create a diverse and independent Syrian media sector.Together with the Syrian Journalists Association we strive for a free and professional press. Furthermore we strive to enhance the possibilities for better living for Syrian journalists. 

Download the letter that has been send out by the Syrian Journalist Association