Tuesday, August 4, 2020
On 4 August, the Free Press Unlimited solidarity campaign: #UnmaskTheTruth kicks off. By wearing special face masks we show our solidarity with all journalists put under pressure and obstructed through violence, censorship or prosecution, and with Filipino journalist Maria Ressa in particular. She risks a prison sentence of six years as a result of her critical reporting and revelations about crime and corruption.

All over the world, journalists are being silenced and opposed in their efforts to report the truth and hold those in power accountable for their actions. Their equipment is stolen and destroyed; they are attacked or prosecuted. Journalism is not a crime. Especially in this time of crisis, where reliable information can save lives, journalists must be able to do their work free from violence. That’s why Free Press Unlimited states: Stop silencing journalists!

Solidarity with journalists under pressure

It's time we showed our solidarity with journalists under pressure. We have a right to reliable information, so we need media and journalists to investigate and report the truth. We must stand up for Maria Ressa and every other journalist in the field who is being pressured or attacked. Enough is enough! Let’s speak up together. Join us!

Join the campaign!

Show your solidarity and express your support by taking a photo of yourself with the #UnmaskTheTruth mask and sharing it online. This is what you need to do:
Step 1: Order a special face mask by filling out this form.
Step 2: Take a photo of yourself wearing the face mask (make sure the text is clear and readable).
Step 3: Write a short quote on why you think it's important that journalists can do their work free from violence, censorship and prosecution.
Step 4: Send us your photo and a short quote via social media or email [social@freepressunlimited.org]
Optional: Share your photo on your own social media channels. Don't forget to use the hashtags #UnmaskTheTruth or #StopSilencingJournalists and tag @freepressunltd!

We will share your photo and quote online and add it to the Solidarity Wall.

Solidarity Wall: Portraits of people showing their solidarity with journalists under pressure.

Do you want to know more? During the campaign we will share inspiring stories from journalists who have overcome multiple challenges and struggles in their mission to unmask the truth. We will give you an insight into the work of journalists with podcasts and informative articles on investigative journalism and on debunking disinformation.

Support journalists worldwide. Support press freedom. Show your solidarity!