Thursday, March 7, 2013
To make television with and for children, not only about children. That is the aim of News Generation; Ghana's first and brand new youth news bulletin, produced by Multi Media Group. Emma Morrison is producer of News Generation: 'It was a real eye-opener to us, when we were introduced to the concept of Kids News. To make a programme from children's perspective and with their voices all over it, is truly challenging but ever so important.'

The launch of News Generation, on 26 February 2013, corresponded entirely to the ideas behind the youth news bulletins: the children present at the event had their say. Together they discussed several topics which concerns Ghana, such as the frequent power outages that paralyse the country. One of the on-stage participants was Marcus (14): "The government just can't manage and keeps making up excuses for the outages. We deserve to know the real problem and, even more so, a solution!"

One of the first broadcasts of News Generation was also screened during the event. It contained an item about rubbish stacked up behind a school, the smell nauseating children to the extent where they have to cover their noses with handkerchiefs and find it hard to concentrate. "This rubbish has been tormenting us for way too long now. Clean it up, government, we are tired of it!"

News Generation is broadcast by Multi TV and JoyNews and is a member of Kids News of Free Press Unlimited. Kids News supports independent and child friendly youth news bulletins in several countries. So children at a young age, learn that there is more than one truth, that the world is bigger than the village they grow up in. Besides Ghana, newly youth news bulletins are set up in Nepal, South Africa and Bolivia.

Photo: Marcus (left), Efua Acquaah Harrison (with earring) presenter of News Generation