Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Children will take over the @EU2016NL Instagram account during some of the meetings of the Council of the European Union at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam.

These children, aged 10 to 12, will be journalists for the day and get to see first-hand what actually happens in the EU during the Netherlands EU Presidency. The first Takeover will take place on 28 January during the informal meeting of Ministers responsible for Competitiveness.

Free Press Unlimited will be in charge of logistics and accompanying the children who will take over the EU Presidency's @EU2016NL Instagram account for a day. Supported by Free Press Unlimited and a teacher, these young reporters will have the chance to take a look at what really happens during these meetings and ask some searching questions.

How to Register

Free Press Unlimited has broadcast several animations asking children to post material related to the EU in Instagram to win a chance to participate in the Instagram Takeover. These animations provide a simple explanation of what the EU meeting is about and children are invited to register by using #mijnEU via @EU2016NL to answer the question ''What does your EU look like?" They can also send an email with their video or photo to instagram@freepressunlimited.org.

Free Press Unlimited will choose four of the best entries per Takeover and invite the children who submitted them to participate in each meeting.

Ministerial Meeting on Competitiveness

The first Instagram Takeover will take place on Thursday 28 January during the informal meeting of Ministers responsible for Competitiveness to discuss improvements in the EU economy and competitiveness, such as developments that make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business inside the EU. During the Netherlands Presidency, the meeting of Ministers responsible for Competitiveness will be chaired by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp.