Wednesday, September 7, 2011
From 13-17 September, Free Press Unlimited will be co-organizing a 6-day workshop in Istanbul on multimedia work. The program will include sessions on documentary making, photography and storytelling and was set up together with the Hrant Dink Foundation, Galata Fotografhanesi Academy of Photography and the Youth Information Centre of Gyumri.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together young multimedia producers, photojournalists and photographers from Armenia and Turkey in a space where they can share their perspectives on media work and discuss issues around freedom of expression across borders. The workshop results will be broadcast by our partners Serhat TV in Kars/Turkey and Lori TV in Vanadzor/Armenia and also will be competing in several international documentary filmfestivals.

After the one week of workshops in Istanbul the attendees will travel to Kars and Gyumri/Vanadazor to continue their work there. Within the framework of the project, a total of 10 participants (5 from each country) with prior experience in documentary photography/photojournalism will meet in Istanbul for two workshop sessions. The second part of the workshop will take place in October 2011. During the project 5 multimedia documentaries will be produced on 5 topics such as unemployment, environment, daily life in border towns, common music tradition, cuisine, literature (Mount Ararat in Turkish and Armenian literature) and gender issues.

The workshop will be given by Jack Janssen for Free Press Unlimited, Yücel Tunca from the Galata Fotografhanesi Academy of Photography as well as Berge Arabian and Sevgi Ortaç. The multimedia project is supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in İstanbul and British Embassy in Ankara.

The first workshop series will take place between 13-17 September 2011. For more information contact


Photo credit: Paul Reynolds