Monday, May 2, 2011
Revolutions throughout the Middle East revealed the prominent role of social media and one of the people at the forefront of the social media wave is Marianne Nagui. She will join the plenary debate on Press Freedom Evening 2011, in Trouw Amsterdam.

Marianne Nagui is a Media Coordinator for Investing in The Future and has actively been encouraging the bridging of the divide between social and print media even before the revolution. In 2010 Nagui worked on an election monitoring program which recent developments have shown was under scrutiny because state security offices had a collection of e-mails that Nagui had been sending to her colleagues. Despite this, Nagui has continued to remain active in assisting journalists cover the news in the rapidly evolving media world.

Investing in the Future has been providing comprehensive trainings to journalists in various Arabic speaking counties and Egypt is one of the countries where it has been providing particular attention recently. In March they hosted a social media workshop in Cairo in order to highlight the potential benefits that social media can have for improving journalism as a whole, as well as train journalists to be aware of the negative aspects of social media. On top of this Investing in the Future has created a website to help those who could not access social media learn how to use it appropriately. These are just a couple of the ways that Nagui has been working to bring together the world of print and digital media and she will be talking about the other ways when she comes to Amsterdam on May 3rd for Press Freedom Day