Monday, September 14, 2015
Over 20 Syrian emergent media institutions (radio stations, online news outlets, newspapers and magazines) signed the Ethical Charter for Syrian Media. Developed by themselves, to provide freedom of expression through professional and ethical journalism. A great achievement: in a time of war journalists gave priority and made efforts to build ethics in the media and managed to do it in a conducive and peaceful way.

The Charter aims to encourage journalists to respect a set of general principles in the performance of their duties such as objectivity and integrity, independence in coverage and respect for the truth and freedom of expression. 
Most journalists in Syria nowadays weren't journalists when the war began. During a series of roundtables the participants met to discuss the charter, intended to serve as a vocational and ethical reference to organize their work. They were supported by Free Press Unlimited and Internews, both organizations with a proven and long-standing track record in implementing successful media development projects globally and in the region.