Monday, February 20, 2012
Around the world, the freedom of the Internet is coming under increasing pressure. This also has an impact on press freedom across the globe and on the work of Free Press Unlimited’s partners. Read on to find out more about the background of this development, Free Press Unlimited’s recent Call to Action and to download the do’s and don’ts for safe use of the Internet.

Internet freedom
When it comes to freedom of speech, public access to information and press freedom, the role played by the Internet cannot be underestimated. ‘By now, press freedom without Internet freedom has become inconceivable,’ says Free Press Unlimited Director Leon Willems.

At the recent Big Tent Event, which was jointly organised by Free Press Unlimited and Google, Leon Willems presented a Call to Action that urged world leaders to pay the necessary attention to this issue and deal with it in a responsible way. The Call to Action was signed by dozens of NGOs and prominent individuals. Click the link to view a video of the Big Tent Event! During this event, a variety of foreign and Dutch journalists spoke about the importance of online freedom for their work.

Around the world, governments are currently drafting new legislation that will have a negative impact on this freedom. While the recently introduced bills are intended to protect copyright, they also have far-reaching consequences for online press freedom. This is a troubling development. The SOPA and PIPA bills that have been introduced in the US have led to a storm of protest.

Do's and dont's
If you would like to ensure that you make safe use of the Internet, you may want to check out the free manual with Internet do's and don’ts published by Free Press Unlimited sponsor Greenhost.