Wednesday, July 23, 2014
The more different media types you use to tell your story, the more versatile your image will become. When photographers, cameramen and writers work together, the end result will be more powerfull.

Therefore, on June 6 MyAngle was launched in Tbilisi, Georgia. MyAngle is the first interdisciplinary collaboration platform for multimedia journalism in the South Caucasus. It brings journalists, photographers, artists, musicians and other creative artists together in one online platform. Aim of this project is to connect people with different but complementary skills and stimulate cooperation. Through MyAngle creative newsmakers can collaborate on projects. Those who are interested can share their skills and experiences with colleagues, develop new creative ideas and carry them out.

MyAngle project is an initiative of Media Artivism - a non-profit organisation in Georgia, which is supported by Free Press Unlimited. It all started two years ago during a multimedia training held by Free Press Unlimited in Tbilisi. Three of the course members - photographers from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia - got inspired by the training and each others work. They decided to keep in touch. This resulted in a creative collaboration. Because of this success, they – together with Free Press Unlimited – came to the idea to start up a professional interdisciplinary platform that promotes cooperation in the field of multimedia journalism. Together with the support of Free Press Unlimited - both financially as well as through coaching - Media Artivism was founded and the MyAngle project became a reality.

Want to know more about MyAngle and their current projects? Have a look at: