Thursday, May 23, 2013
Media organisations, radio stations and training centres; Free Press Unlimited works together with dozens of partners worldwide to ensure that reliable news and information are and remain available to people across the globe. Good cooperation between Free Press Unlimited and its partners is essential. That's why we joined the partner satisfaction survey Partos initiated late 2012. And our curiosity has been rewarded; Free Press Unlimited ranked 3rd out of 46 participating organisations in terms of 'overall satisfaction'.

Research agency Keystone describes Free Press Unlimited in its report as 'an organisation that maintains respectful relationships with partners and brings real added value to them'. Furthermore our partners describe us as being reliable and flexible. And yet another topic that was mentioned in the survey is the fact that we as an organisation take into account the specific work environment of our partners.

Off course there is also room for improvement. Our partners would like Free Press Unlimited to create more opportunities for knowledge and information exchange between organisations who are working on similar issues. And that is exactly what Free Press Unlimited is planning to do during its Partner Meeting in June 2013.