Monday, February 2, 2015
Good news for press freedom! Free Press Unlimited will become one of the strategic partners of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. Together with the European Journalism Centre (EJC), Free Press Unlimited will give shape to the program “Samenspraak en Tegenspraak”. Director Leon Willems: "After receiving the 'Geuzenpenning' award earlier this month, we see the selection by the Ministry as yet another broad recognition for our work and for the development of citizens. Now, we can continue our work in this field.”

 Within the program “Samenspraak en Tegenspraak” Free Press Unlimited and the EJC therefore work on the further professionalisation of journalists and media actors so that they serve the interests of citizens and can play a watchdog role. "Everyone needs reliable information to make choices. With training, equipment, knowledge and manpower we make local journalists and media stronger and we enable them to do their important work,” says Willems.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs writes, "This application combines the forces of Free Press Unlimited on media development, with emphasis on youth and women, in fragile and repressive states with that of the EJC in the field of training journalists and technology development." The alliance has proven to successfully strengthen the capacities of local media partners and to positively affect – among others– legislation and public policy through advocacy.

The layout of the cooperation with the Ministry is going to be worked out in the coming months. The program “Samenspraak en Tegenspraak” is a five year initiative.