Thursday, November 10, 2011
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, supported by Free Press Unlimited, launched Kosovo’s first online news portal offering investigative journalism and quality analysis.

Gazeta Jeta ne Kosove, which takes its name from BIRN’s primetime television show Jeta ne Kosove, has already won thousands of fans in its first month and is seeing a huge surge of interest in its work since its launch in late September.

The website, which is styled on a weekly newspaper, has already secured a string of exclusive investigations and features.

These include an investigation into the business dealings of one of the country’s biggest companies,  the impact of Kosovo’s aging power plant on the health and the shocking tale of a woman who was subject to a forced abortion.

Breaking News

Alongside the in-depth content, Gazeta Jeta ne Kosove is also providing breaking news, cartoons, photo galleries and, for the first time in Kosovo, restaurant reviews and a cultural calendar.

It is also uploading documents and background material linked to its investigations to ensure that it is as transparent as the institutions it is investigating.

Jeta ne Kosove

The website builds on the success of Jeta ne Kosove, the country’s most watched current affairs show, and its award-winning English-language newspaper, Prishtina Insight.

Manual for investigative Journalists

As part of its cooperation with Free Press Unlimited, BIRN has also released the second edition of its manual for investigative journalists in Kosovo, Follow the Paper Trial.

This includes new information on how to use the country’s access-to-documents law, a guide to collecting documents from international institutions and an appraisal of the latest trends in journalism.

Training on investigating corruption

To accompany the release of the second edition, a workshop was held with mid-career and trainee journalists, which included practical sessions on how to investigate corruption online. 

Trainer Lawrence Marzouk, who is also the editor of the website Gazeta Jeta ne Kosove, said: “Honing the skills of journalists in Kosovo is important in the fight against corruption and helps us ensure that our contributors have all the tools they need to get to carry out complex investigations.”