Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Third World Conference of the Global Forum for Media Development, September 2012. In this changing world, people need reliable information. They need to be informed so they can hold their governments to account and in order to give voice to their concerns. The members of the Global Forum for Media Development work together to make independent information accessible for as many people around the world. They believe that it is the media's responsibility to make this information available for their audiences.

The 3rd Global Forum for Media Development World Conference will be hold in partnership with Highway Africa, a network of African journalists, on 9-11 September in Grahamstown South Africa. The conference will bring together some 300 media development practitioners, media representatives, journalists, editors, media experts and researchers from around the world. They will exchange ideas, information, best practices and work on alignment of the different projects the members are working on.

The main focus of this edition of the Global Forum for Media Development conference is the effect new media, mobile technology and new players in the media scene have on media development strategies.

Free Press Unlimited will be participating in the conference. Leon Willems, director of Free Press Unlimited, is member of the board of the Global Forum for Media Development. Willems: 'Organisations worldwide are working to support independent media. The conference will help to prevent fragmentation. To achieve this, it is important to exchange worldwide developments and to share what works and what doesn't. This is relevant for us and for the donors that are present. Free Press Unlimited wants to raise three important topics at the conference; better cooperation to support the growing number of threatened journalists, the current limitations of online freedom and giving children a voice in the media.'