Thursday, December 14, 2017
Free Press Unlimited is thrilled to announce that Google's Digital News Initiative (DNI) approved the application for the Publeaks Mobile project. This means that the Innovation Fund will support the project with an amount of 49,200 euro. 

With Publeaks Mobile, Free Press Unlimited wants to enable whistleblowers to 'snap and share' information with the media from their smartphone and increase their involvement in the investigation following a tip-off. More interaction between whistleblowers and journalists increases the likelihood that tip-offs will be published. 'Mobile whistleblowing' makes it easier and less error-prone to share information with the media, resulting in more tip-offs, more investigations and more publications. 

Whilstleblowing through the smartphone

Publeaks Mobile will allow whistleblowers to use their smartphone and camera to instantly take and share photos with the media. In addition to adding a mobile friendly interface to Publeaks, Free Press Unlimited also wants to make it easier for journalists to discuss tip-offs with the whistleblower. The existing desktop interface has a submission step and a chat step. This makes the progression for whistleblowers, from submitting a document to chatting about the tip-off with a journalist, an unnatural one. Building Publeaks Mobile around a conversational user interface (chat) turns document submission and interaction with the journalist into a single step, making the process more natural, efficient and effective.

Impact of Publeaks Mobile

An increase in investigative reporting will strengthen the watchdog role of the media and improve accountability of governments and businesses. With additional exposure for whistleblowers in the media, the appreciation of the role of whistleblowers in society may improve. The impact of Publeaks Mobile will be seen at several levels. When it is more likely that tip-offs result in publication, concerned audiences and (potential) whistleblowers will feel that they are better represented by their media. 

Google's Digital News Initiative

Journalism Through Technology: The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a partnership between Google and news publishers in Europe to support high-quality journalism through technology and innovation. Their goal is to encourage a more sustainable news ecosystem while promoting innovation in digital journalism through ongoing collaboration and dialogue between the tech and news sectors.