Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Free Press Unlimited has been given the green light by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Koenders to set up together with other partner organizations a Russian Language News Exchange. The purpose of this platform is to increase the access to independent, Russian-spoken news.

“Since there is currently less and less space created for independent media in the Russian language area, we are looking forward to start with the setting up of the Russian Language News Exchange”, says Boris van Westering, Team Leader of MENA, Eurasia. “The active participation and support of local media plays a key role in making the initiative successful.”

The Russian Language News Exchange will serve as a trustworthy source to provide balanced news, analyses and information about developments in both its own region but also throughout the rest of the world.

Support urgently needed

Over the past year, Free Press Unlimited has strongly cooperated with media outlets from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the South Caucasus and Central Asia to set up a Russian Language News Exchange. After so many years of inattention towards independent media in former Soviet countries, it becomes necessary to support these independent media.

No counterpropaganda

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Free Press Unlimited emphasize that the Dutch support is not directed against Russia but rather in favour of independent media. "Misinformation from Moscow is a threat to media diversity in all countries in which Russian is spoken. However, counterpropaganda is ineffective and goes against our democratic principles. We wish to support the work of independent media initiatives without dictating what they should write or broadcast."