Thursday, November 15, 2012
Around 40% of the population in developing countries are under the age of fifteen. News in these countries focuses almost exclusively on the remaining 60%. But also for children and young people it is important to have access to relevant information and to have a voice in the media. Kids News, founded by Free Press Unlimited, is supporting local media organisations around the world to set up their own youth news bulletins. Kids News will organise the annual Kids News Summit mid-November in Peru.

The editors of the different local youth news bulletins will gather at the summit, which doesn't happen often. This makes the summit a perfect moment for information exchange and for Free Press Unlimited to organise trainings. Daan van Bree, Programme coordinator at Free Press Unlimited: 'The Kids News Summit offers a moment to reflect on the past year and to share what works and what doesn't. As well as a moment to anticipate on the future, what are our plans for the coming year.'

There will also be an award for the world’s best news feature aimed at children. All members of the Kids News Network can submit news features, a jury will decide who will receive the award. Last year, the award was won by NAPA, the Peruvian kids news made by TV Cultura. The winning entry features children with conflicting loyalties because they want to go to school but also want to work to support their families.

The local Kids News programmes create daily or weekly youth news bulletins. Besides, there are worldwide news bulletins on a monthly basis. The programme 'World Kids News' brings together the best news features produced by participating bulletins. This means that children can not only watch features on their own country, but also learn about the lives of their peers in other countries around the world. A new format for the programme will be presented at the summit. Kids News will also launch it's new website.