Wednesday, December 14, 2011
The image the world has from Kosovo, is determined by the international media. That's understandable, but it ensures an unilateral image of the country. Something needs to be done about that, thought Besa Luçi, editor in chief of Kosovo 2.0, an interactive, website with an issue-based magazine.

This new medium makes sure Kosovars all over the world are able to get a clear, diverse image of the situation in their country, even as others who might be interested. It's aimed at young people, a very big group in Kosovo. The website, even as the magazine, is published in three languages; Albanese, Serbian and English. Also, it has a very modern, artistic design.


Kosovo 2.0 first started as a website, but to reach another group of people, founder Joan de Boer and editor in chief Besa Luçi decided to make a magazine as well. The magazine is issue-based, which means it is limited in number of issues. There will be 8 issues of the magazine, which all have a certain theme, like 'image' and 'corruption'.

Kosovo 2.0 was an initiative of Joan de Boer, a Dutch photographer and Besa Luçi, a journalist from Kosovo. They both were frustrated about the worldwide image of Kosovo and came up with the idea to make a change.