Friday, March 9, 2018
Hundreds of men, working in the media in 14 countries, took to the streets on International Women’s Day to stand up for their female colleagues. As part of Men4Women 2018, men from Free Press Unlimited’s partner organisations in Bangladesh, Somalia, Nepal, Pakistan and DR Congo, spoke out for a better position and more realistic image of women in the media.


Women all over the world are still underrepresented in the media, both in the positions they occupy as in the way they are represented. Looking at this, the Netherlands scores suprisingly bad: only 21 per cent of media professionals are women. This is worse than in DR Congo (30%) and Pakistan (36%). When women are portrayed in the media, they are often portrayed in a stereotypical way. Women, sisters, daughters, but also men and sons, have the right to see inspiring role models in the media.


All over the world, men took to the streets. With banners, music, debates and speeches, they made Men4Women into a worldwide movement. In Bangladesh, activities were organised in 13 different places all over the country. In DR Congo and Somalia over 100 men participated and in Nepal over 500 men joined Men4Women. Other participating countries were Pakistan, Zambia, Indonesia, Central-African Republic (CAR), Iraq, India, Venezuela, Nigeria and Mali. In the Netherlands, Free Press Unlimited and the platform Vaker in de Media asked men at the Mediapark in Hilversum, in Amsterdam and online to speak out. Many Dutch men joined Men4Women, including radio host Jörgen Raymann.


Men didn’t just let their voices be heard on the streets, but they also spoke out online. They did so by taking a picture with one of the ‘shout-outs’ and with the special Men4Women frame for their profile picture on Facebook. The movement was widely shared and spread, using the hashtag #M4W18. This was the second year that Free Press Unlimited organised Men4Women on International Women’s Day.

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The Netherlands