Monday, March 11, 2019
During International Women’s Day hundreds of people in 15 countries, stood up for women in the media. This was the third time Free Press Unlimited and her partners organised the international event Move4women to highlight the importance of gender equality and the participation and decision-making of women in and through the media.

Inequality in the media

Women all over the world are underrepresented in the media, both in the positions they occupy as in the way they are represented. For example, only one in five experts interviewed in news media are women. As soon as journalists are looking for an expert opinion, women literally drop out of the picture.* Many female journalists also face harassment and discrimination while doing their job. Nearly two-thirds of female journalists have been threatened or harassed online and more than half have even been threatened in person.**


During this years Move4Women, media organizations in 15 countries participated in the international movement through various activities both online and offline. The activities varied from marching in the streets, organizing conferences and roundtable discussions. For example in Bangladesh, around 60 students, teachers and staff from our partner BNNRC walked with banners through the streets and held a talk show around gender equality. In Mali our partner Tuwindi Foundation held a digital campaign together with 70 young people in which they produced and shared videos and pictures to raise awareness on the importance of women in the media. Our partner Tempo Institute in Indonesia had both a panel of women discuss gender equality in the media and handed out a Move4Women Award to a student press group for their reporting on sexual harassment cases at a university in Indonesia. 


Also online many people joined the movement en spoke out in support of women in the media. This was done by taking pictures with one of the ‘shout-outs’ and with the special Move4Women frame for profile pictures on Facebook. The movement was widely shared and spread, using the hashtag #M4W19. This was the third year that Free Press Unlimited organised Move4Women on International Women’s Day.

Enjoy the photos of Move4Women activities from all over the world.
Or view our selection of shout-outs on social media.

* Report Global Media Monitoring Project 2015
** Attacks and Harassment: The Impact on Female Journalists and Their Reporting'