Tuesday, June 25, 2019
The Co-Production fund provides resources for media and civil society organisations to work together and report on underreported stories. A few of last year’s contributions showed how Syrians coped in times of war. A new call for applications also requested stories of people and events that focus on social cohesion: how do Syrians who are divided by means of geography, political affiliation, economic situation, ethnicity etc., connect?

Last year an independent jury awarded nine projects with a € 5,000 grant to make a series of co-productions. These stories highlight usually overlooked issues in new and innovative ways. The mixed teams produced 61 media items tackling issues ranging from refugee success stories to parenting tips and the trouble with unregistered births. In some cases the relationship between media and civil society organisations was strengthened.

Here you can see video reports (with English subtitles) on two different sides of the coin for refugees. One focusing on the trouble of accessing humanitarian assistance for displaced persons and another co-production report on refugee success stories featuring Hassan Idriss, a former green grocer from Aleppo who now runs a vegetable cart in Turkey.

In May 2019 Free Press Unlimited launched a new call for projects for their ‘Small Grant Fund for Syrian CSO-Media Co-Production Programme (Co-Production fund in short) for which the deadline has passed. While in 2018 many of the projects focused on the situation of refugees. this year the jury expects there will be a shift in subjects, reflecting the current political situation, towards reporting peace building and restoration efforts. 

The co-productions will be published by the end of September 2019.