Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Radio Tamazuj (across borders) broadcasts in the conflict area on the Sudan and South Sudan border area on a daily bases. Monday was their first broadcast. The channel provides local news and information to the Abyei, South-Kordofan and Blue Nile states and the surrounding area's.


Thanks to the shortwave (SW) frequencies used by Radio Tamazuj, this station is the only one covering the whole region. Most local radio stations are destroyed. The few still active radio stations have a far smaller reach.

Radio Tamazuj is an important and valuable source of information. It broadcasts local news made by local reporters. They all live and grown up in the region.

The stations focus is not only on the conflict areas. It covers the whole region on both sides of the border. Both refugees have spread and the conflict consequenses have a larger reach also out of the direct conflict areas.

The daily broadcasts are follow up on earlier Free Press Unlimited activities in the region. In January 2011 Radio Referendum informed the population about the referendum. Afterwards the radio programme continued with weekly broadcasts. Today Radio Tamazuj reports the daily news in the whole area.

Radio Tamazuj broadcasts in Arabic and Dinka from 07:00 till 07:30 local time. Their website with English coverage supports the radio station. It gives international media, diplomates and aid workers the opportunity to be informed about the local situation.