Thursday, November 6, 2014
Fifty-five million Brazilian children will soon be able to watch a weekly news programme for children. Free Press Unlimited and the Brazilian public broadcasting company TV Cultura have joined forces to make this happen. In São Paulo they signed for broadcasts on the children’s network Rá Tim Bum for an initial period of two years.

Fourteenth country with a news programme for children by Free Press Unlimited

Brazil is now the fourteenth country where Free Press Unlimited, together with local partners, has developed a programme that provides children and young people access to qualitative and unbiased news, background stories and human interest. Marcos Mendonça, President of TV Cultura: “We think it is great to work together with so many countries and create news features for children about culture, politics and sports for example.”

Ten years of news programmes for children

This year, the international network for news programmes for children, WADADA News for Kids, celebrates its tenth anniversary. The first news programme for children which was produced ten years ago was the Surinam news programme for children: 10 Minuten Jeugd Journaal.

Other countries where Free Press Unlimited sets up news programmes for children are, among others, Indonesia, Burma, South Africa, Ghana, Bolivia and Peru.

“In many countries, news programmes for children mean much more than just providing news to children. They are a catalyst for children’s rights and form the heart of the national youth culture,” says Jan-Willem Bult, Head of Children’s and Youth Media at Free Press Unlimited.

In this anniversary year Free Press Unlimited has started producing the two-weekly WADADA News for Kids: an international news programme for children showing the best news features from participating countries.

The Brazilian news programme for children is made possible in part by a contribution from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.