Thursday, November 3, 2011
Peruvian programme NAPA wins the 2011 World Kids News Award. Child labourers want to go to school, but they also have a strong desire to support their families. They struggle with these conflicting loyalties. This issue was recently covered in a broadcast that won the Peruvian television programme NAPA – short for ‘No Apto para Adultos’ (‘Not Suitable for Adults’) – the award for the world’s best news feature aimed at children. The award was presented in Accra, Ghana, by Leon Willems, jury chair and Director of Free Press Unlimited. The award ceremony marked the end of the annual World Kids News Summit, a conference for makers of youth news bulletins from around the world.

The jury found NAPA’s feature on child labour extremely balanced and objective, despite the emotionally charged nature of its topic. Leon Willems: ‘The winning entry was very well-edited – the viewer was invited to put his or her prejudices aside, and was given plenty of food for thought with regard to these children’s conflicting loyalties. On the one hand, they have their own education; on the other, the welfare of their families.’

The broadcast feature had a strong impact in Peru. Daniel Bello, Editor-in-Chief of NAPA: ‘The broadcast met with a massive response from members of the organisation Ninos y Ninas Trabajadores, the union of child labourers, who were pleased with the attention it paid to their situation. They are not only fighting for understanding, but also for the human dignity of those children who are required to work to support their families.’ In his speech of thanks, Bello also praised Bernardo Caceres for his assistance in setting up NAPA five years ago. Caceres currently works for Free Press Unlimited as Kids News Network’s regional support officer for Latin America.

The jury had more than enough interesting broadcasts to choose from, with excellent entries by a large number of youth news bulletins. In its report, it also commended the first and second runners-up: Teen Voice Indonesia produced a fine broadcast about children working in science, and Mozambique’s Telejunior made a great feature about street safety for children in Mozambique.

Daniel Bello, editor in chief from Napa with his award