Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Journalists, media specialists and organisations supporting press freedom from the post-Soviet region met in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev between 24 and 27 September 2014 to discuss current trends in social political developments in this region and to debate the way forward for independent media.

The conference, “Agenda for Change - Developing Independent Media in the Digital Age in Eurasia”, was organized by Free Press Unlimited, Ukraine’s Independent Association of Broadcasters, and the Global Forum for Media Development.

The meeting successfully addressed two major trends which affect the media and freedom of speech in the countries of the former Soviet Union: i) the rapid development of new communications technology, which simplifies and exponentially magnifies the ability to exchange information and ii) the increasing control of the media in countries ruled by authoritarian governments.

The main recommendations of “Agenda for Change: Developing Independent Media in the Digital Age in Eurasia” can be found here:

Main recommendations “Agenda for Change"

The meeting received generous support from Council of Europe, European Union, Open Society Foundation, the International Renaissance Foundation/Open Society and the European Endowment for Democracy.