Friday, November 30, 2012
Note: if you're interested in attending this event, please contact Radio Zameneh for further information.
Join Us on November 30th 2012 in Amsterdam:
From Online Freedom to Offline Democracy
Media vs Activism: Do Words Lead to Results in Iran?  

'Chi Mikhad Beshe?'
Or rather: what is going to happen?


This is the question on the minds of many people in Iran these days.
But the uncertainty about the immediate future of Iran - its economic state, its prospects for democratic progress, developments in the field of human rights, its geopolitical intentions - is keeping not just the minds of Iranians, but of many others worldwide occupied as well.

Now more than ever, media - new and old, domestic and international - play a crucial role in shaping the mindset and calculations of policy makers and ordinary citizens alike. In addition, the current debate is very much about the impact and importance - or lack thereof - of social media in Iran's societal and political development.

On Friday November 30th, 2012, Radio Zamaneh organizes a public event in Amsterdam to address these and related questions. During this event, you will be able to listen to and enter into a conversation with a host of well-known and lesser known experts, policy makers, journalists and academics - some Iranian, some not. We'll address the issues surrounding a central question: what role could or should traditional and social media play in these developments, and what will happen next? Topics like internet freedom, current economic, social and political developments in Iran, media influence and the effectiveness of social media are sure to figure prominently in the debate.

The evening will be a dynamic mix of debate, multimedia presentations, culture, informal talks, and live music by upcoming Iranian artists.