Friday, January 19, 2018
On January 23rd De Correspondent published a damaging article about the relation between Free Press Unlimited and Radio Tamazuj , written by Maite Vermeulen. This article cites two former Radio Tamazuj journalists. The claims made by these journalists are unfounded and damaging to the name and operation of Radio Tamazuj and Free Press Unlimited

The Correspondent has asked us for a response last week, which we have given. However, reading the article, we must conclude that our response has been processed in such a minimal form, that the article is published without explaining context.

This is not according to the journalistic standards that Free Press Unlimited upholds. Standards of quality journalism, by which we instruct hundreds of journalists around the world on an annual basis. It is our opinion that Maite Vermeulen is not looking for the truth but for confirmation.

Response Radio Tamazuj

The Correspondent also asked Radio Tamazuj for a response. Tamazuj has also given a comprehensive response. But Maite Vermeulen has also chosen to include only a small part of that response in her article. This is the full statement by Radio Tamazuj

Our Response

We have shared our entire response to the article with De Correspondent on Tuesday, January 16, and for the sake of completeness we publish it here as well:

The article in De Correspondent is based on the grievances and a press release of two journalists who have worked at Radio Tamazuj. One of the journalists resigned of his own accord, after he was not selected for a leadership position. This followed an application procedure on the basis of which the editors of Radio Tamazuj selected a candidate who they felt was more suitable for the role. Subsequently, a second journalist also resigned. Free Press Unlimited was not involved in this application procedure at any point. After their resignation the two journalists wrote a press release in which they make several serious and unfounded accusations against Radio Tamazuj and Free Press Unlimited.

The application procedure was independently carried out by the editorial team, without any involvement from Free Press Unlimited and as part of their own independent operations. Moreover, the editors of Radio Tamazuj did everything they could to keep the journalists on board.

In their response to De Correspondent, the editorial team of Radio Tamazuj denies the accusations entirely; pointing to the transparency of their selection procedure for leadership positions, the voluntary departure of the two journalists and affirmation that no intimidation took place. Their full response can be found on the Radio Tamazuj website.

We would like to emphasize that the accusations are entirely without grounds.

Free Press Unlimited:

- in no way intimidated the editors of Radio Tamazuj and did not force them to sign any statement

- did not campaign against any employee of Radio Tamazuj

- works together with the editorial team on the basis of equality, to achieve our shared goal of independence for Radio Tamazuj

- has not taken part in any censorship (as demonstrated in detail in our reaction to the previous article by De Correspondent on Radio Tamazuj)

We deplore the fact that De Correspondent, with their reputation for quality journalism, would deal so uncritically with journalistic sources making unfounded allegations out of enmity. In their response Radio Tamazuj has indicated that they are considering legal action against the two journalists.