Friday, March 27, 2020
Covid-19 is forcing millions of young people worldwide to stay at home. Yet their voice is hardly heard in the news bulletins. What are their experiences? And what could the world learn from them? Free Press Unlimited and international partners created a platform for young people to help them share their stories with the world.

To all the young people

My #QuarantineLife is a YouTube channel dedicated to YOU to share stories about life in quarantine. Grab your camera, tablet, laptop, phone or any other device with a camera, and join the movement! You can find a tutorial for making the video in English, in Spanish and in Dutch.

All done? Amazing! Upload your videos for the YouTube channel here on the 'Free Press Unlimited MediaLab' where we collect and screen the videos before uploading:

Upload videos

Stay at home, travel with your stories

We encourage young people to stay at home, and travel with their stories. Connect with others like you all over the world and find each other in your shared experience.

We are inviting everyone from under 18 to join your global platform 'My #QuarantineLife', that produces, collects and shares stories, from young people and about young people, about your life in quarantine. When you share, you connect. You can be isolated, but not alone.

We will share all these stories on YouTube. We are also asking partners worldwide to join us to support you in quarantine by collecting your videos, sharing your videos or help you to make your videos.

The youth share their stories of life in quarantine

Thank you for joining!

You can also follow us on TikTok, Instagram en Facebook.

This project is coordinated by Jan-Willem Bult, Head of Children, Youth & Media at Free Press Unlimited, and Aldana Duhalde from Argentina. They can be contacted through

This a non-commercial collaborative project.