Friday, February 28, 2014
Tahseen Alzrikiny from Diwaniyah, Iraq, won the award for Best Story made with the StoryMaker app. All stories uploaded on before 2014 were automatically in the race for the prize. Free Press Unlimited choose the best story which would have remained untold without mobile storytelling.

Red Seed
Alzrikiny´s story, Red Seed, is about farmers from his province who struggle with the extinction of rice. 'Storytelling is important because I could show the suffering of the farmers in the province. I also like about StoryMaker that digitial security is made available for journalists so we can publish items and feel safe', says Alzrikiny. Watch his story or listen to his interview where he explains why he made this story.

Winner Best Bug Report
Furthermore Free Press Unlimited is happy to announce StoryMaker Iraq and StoryMaker Tunisia as the winners of the best bug report. Our local partners in Iraq (IMCK) and Tunisia (CAPJC, Lam Echaml) have been extremely active during the project and have worked effortlessly to report bugs and crashes, to help troubleshoot problems and communicate with the developers and technologists of the project. Because of them the developers learned about bugs related to editing content such as trimming, rendering files and failing to export stories. Each StoryMaker team will receive € 500.

With StoryMaker journalists can privately craft quality news stories and safely share these through their mobile phones. The App is free and can be downloaded via Google Play. StoryMaker is developed by Free Press Unlimited, The Guardian Project and Small World News. The App is now available in both English and Arabic. But everyone can introduce new translations, enabling many more people worldwide to use StoryMaker.