Thursday, January 28, 2016
Today Free Press Unlimited celebrates the release of StoryMaker 2.0! StoryMaker is an open source app, that enables anyone to make and share better stories with their mobile phone. The app was developed under Free Press Unlimited's signature project StoryMaker. The StoryMaker Coalition is a collaboration between Small World News,, The Guardian Project and Free Press Unlimited to develop and implement the StoryMaker application. With this project Free Press Unlimited trains journalists and citizen reporters all over the world on the principles of digital journalism.

Website Launch

Next to the release of the final version of the app, StoryMaker also launches a new website! This website features all the things that make StoryMaker great; the people, the projects, the app and most importantly: the stories. As long as people have stories to tell, we will help them get their voice heard.

New features

The new StoryMaker app comes with several new key features. More than 50 lessons are included on topics such as Video and Audio reporting and mobile journalism basics. The app is available in multiple languages such as French, Persian, Arabic, Spanish and English. New story templates have been added with step-by-step suggestions and tips to improve your production.

Professional stories

“StoryMaker makes people re-think the way they create stories on their mobile phones by guiding them through the process”, says Bethel Tsegaye, Storymaker coordinator.“We have seen citizen reporters go from amateur storytellers to professional journalists, making professional quality stories. The app enables journalist to report on issues as they happen. With StoryMaker, people realize even more how powerful their smart phones are in getting voices heard.”

Free Press Unlimited believes that journalists and citizen reporters know best how to improve their stories, which is why the StoryMaker app is developed with the input of its core users. The development of the app began in 2012 with the idea to create a tool for journalists and citizen reporters that enables them to make news items about issues that matter most. The app allows people to report on stories from across the globe as they happen, with or without access to Internet.

User feedback

The app was designed through an agile process and went through three different phases (StoryMaker Beta, StoryMaker 2.0 Beta and StoryMaker 2.0). Through this process critical user feedback was generated from project participants. This led to enhancements and feature developments that can now be found in the final version: StoryMaker 2.0. Check-out the new Catalogue of content packs with Lessons, Guides and templates and see what StoryMaker 2.0 can do for your story.

StoryMaker 2.0 is built to help you get your voice heard. The new features give the creative freedom to learn journalism basics, create your story and share it securely. With a Panic function that locks the app and has it disappear from your phone, you decide when to reveal your item. It is all up to you.

StoryMaker is out!