Monday, November 25, 2013
Interested in mobile technology and digital storytelling? Come join the StoryMaker Masters Class. Open to journalists, bloggers, techies and everyone interested in telling stories through their mobile phones.

- Read this text in Arabic or French -

To say mobile reporting has made a tremendous mark on media in the world over is something of an understatement. Many compelling news facts have been brought to the public’s attention through mobile reporting.

Master class
StoryMaker is an app that helps mobile reporters to improve their stories at less risk to their personal safety. Some 650 professional and citizen reporters are currently being trained to use this app in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Iraq. Bring your Android device and learn how to create a video report, audio reportage or photo essay and upload it on the spot to the social media platform or website of your choice! Learn about the app, the training programme, the editing suite and the collaborative process through which this was developed. The StoryMaker app was developed by Free Press Unlimited, the Guardian Project and Small World News.

You have two opportunities to join the class during the Arab Free Press Forum. On November 25, the class will be offered in French and on November 26 in Arabic.

Date: November 25 (French) & 26 (Arabic)

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Bring your Android

Please make sure you have an Android device with the following specifications if you would like to practice using the app:

Android OS v4.x.+
3.5 inch screen
3+ megapixel camera
1ghz processor
8gb internal memory (or upgradeable via microSD)

If you don't have an Android phone, but you are still interested in learning about the app and the project you are welcome too!

To register for the class please send your full name and preffered date/language to Vesna Dolinsek at

You must be registered for the Arab Free Press Forum to attend the class. Please click here to register for the forum.

Led by the Free Press Unlimited Project Officer, local StoryMaker Project Coordintators Aida Ben Ammar and Vesna Dolinsek, and local StoryMaker trainer Zayneb Dridi.