Wednesday, March 26, 2014
In improving the possibilities for journalists to tell their stories, Free Press Unlimited organises trainings around the StoryMaker app. From March 12 to 16, bloggers, journalists and activists came together in Tunisia, to participate in such a training. This training was the second ever held in Tunisia, and it would become a gathering of a highly skilled group of people, with their focus towards the theory on storytelling.

The five-day training was lead by four local trainers and a digital security expert from Bahrain. The training was given to a group of highly skilled journalists, which had the advantage that little time was spend on the technological part of the StoryMaker app. Instead, the emphasis lay on the theory of how to compose a good story.

The participants had the opportunity to practice what they learned by going down the streets and make stories with the StoryMaker app. Each participant produced at least one story. After the field practice, everybody came together to discuss the stories composed and gave feedback on each others work. This lead to stories about several subjects, such as the leisure activities available in the Belvedere park, the opening of the  Peace Cinema Festival  and the initiative Al Sajin 52, which tries to reduce the penalties for drug consumption foreseen by the existing law.

Most of the participants were surprised about the variety on things they learned during the training. They learned about subjects such as digital security, war journalism, blogging, photography and video recording. As one of the trainees, Jawher Mejri, explained: “I expected to hear the same old story but I was surprised to learn so many new things, it was awesome!”

Free Press Unlimited organised this training in collaboration with it's local partners The African Center for Training of Journalists and Communicators (CAPJC), and Lam Echaml. Follow the stories of the latest group from Tunisia at