Monday, June 24, 2013
Brand new in store: the StoryMaker App. With StoryMaker journalists and activists can privately craft quality news stories and safely share these through their mobile phones. The App is free and can be downloaded via Google Play. There is even a competition: the best story or suggestion for improval wins €1,000.

StoryMaker is a new project of Free Press Unlimited. The App combines safety with editting software and an educational journalistic program to improve mobile stories. The App is ready to use and available to everyone. In order to encourage as many people as we can to start using StoryMaker, we are organizing a competition. Participate by producing a story through StoryMaker or give us suggestions for improval.

The best story
Use StoryMaker to tell your story and compete for €1,000. All stories uploaded on are automatically in the race for the prize. We are looking for the best story which would have remained untold without mobile storytelling.

Best suggestions for improval
StoryMaker has just been launched, but that does not mean that there is no room for improval. On the contrary, we need our users to conintue to improve the App. Please send us your feedback, innovative ideas, errors you have come across in the current version etc. Help us to make StoryMaker a true success. There is an award of €1,000 for the best idea. Email us on

You can participate until December 31st 2013.

StoryMaker is developed by Free Press Unlimited, The Guardian Project and Small World News. The App is now available in both English and Arabic. Everyone can introduce new translations, enabling many more people worldwide to use StoryMaker.