Thursday, September 28, 2017
What is the role of independent media and freedom of expression when it comes to having access to information and achieving a sustainable future?

People deserve to know

Free Press Unlimited believes that access to concrete, impartial, reliable information is a basic human need. If you don't know what's going on around you, how can you make the right decisions? That is why out motto is 'people deserve to know.' In one way or another, the work we do with our partners around the world every day is working towards the promotion and protection of access to information worldwide. With this goal in mind, we work closely with others – such as UNESCO – to ensure that access to information is a right for all. Universal access to information is intrinsically linked with the right to seek and receive information, an integral part of the right to freedom of expression.

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September 28th is the International Day for the Universal Access to Information. To celebrate this day, UNESCO's International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) is organizing the IPDCTalks around the world. Several of Free Press Unlimited's media partners will attend the Talks. The main event will be held in Paris, where high-profile speakers will discuss the role of access to information in achieving a sustainable future. Additionally, activities to celebrate the day take place all over the world, for example, in Pakistan.

Talks in Pakistan

In Islamabad, the Kehkashan I Hall will host the event: Powering Sustainable Development with Access to Information. Boris, coordinator of Free Press Unlimited's projects in Middle-East and North Africa, will attend this event, where a platform for dialogue between government officials, civil society and the international community will be provided. Smaller round table discussions, on specific topics such as gender, the role of media in access to information, and government-citizen partnerships within the right to information framework, will give participants the opportunity to engage with a range of stakeholders.

IPDC & Free Press Unlimited

In the past 30 years UNESCO's IPDC has been very successful in tackling issues such as media independence and pluralism, developing community media, radio and television, and the training of media professionals. The program focuses on the priority of media pluralism and independence, safety of journalists, promoting dialogue and countering hate speech. We're very proud that Albana Shala, programme coordinator at Free Press Unlimited, is the current chair of UNESCO's IPDC.