Monday, July 10, 2017
On June the 2nd Samual Nwaeze, publisher of The People's Leader was shot in a drive-by shooting. On the same day Charles Otu, journalist of the Nigerian Guardian was heavily beaten and forced to sign a declaration never to publish anything again against the regional authorities. Both of them barely survived. The incidents were reported on Press Attack Tracker, a new platform aimed at tracking threats and assaults against journalists in Nigeria.

Justice and convictions

Violence and threats against journalists are a frequently occurring phenomenon in Nigeria. To help counter this, the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) developed the Press Attack Tracker. The platform was launched in an effort to document and publicize these incidents. PTCIJ verifies reports that are submitted and conducts stories and investigations on the incidents to bring justice to the victims and convictions of perpetrators. Users can report incidents through sms, twitter and through the website. The platform can be accessed on any Android or Iphone device.


Director Dapo Olorunyomi of PTCIJ: “This Press Attack Tracker is an attempt to create accountability in Nigeria. We cannot sit back while injustice plagues our society. Our vision is that this will bring the attention of the masses to how information is manipulated, how powerful people are choosing what we are allowed to know and gagging press when it is at their expense.”

Marking high risk locations

Data can be uploaded by anyone with knowledge of violent activities against journalists. They will be monitored by PTCIJ. The data generated by the app will be gathered and together with geo-information mark locations of high risk for operating journalists. Moreover, it will be a valuable source of verified information for advocacy purposes.

The Press Attack Tracker was developed by PTCIJ with the support of Free Press Unlimited.

Find the tracker here:

Photo: ZmcCune (WMF)