Monday, December 5, 2011
On Friday morning December 1st, our colleague and trainer in Eritrea, Solomon Abera, passed away. Since 2009 he had been working in collaboration with Free Press Unlimited, providing several trainings and field missions.

The well-known journalist from Eritrea fled his country and lived in Germany since 2005. Last Friday he died of a rapidly developing cancer. He's survived by his mother, wife and son and daughter.
Although the doctor told him he was terminally ill, he remained optimistic about a treatment until almost the very end of his life. His church, the evangelic church in Germany, provided loving care for him, especially during the last weeks.

He was a well-known news- and sport-journalist who was repeatedly accused of campaigning against the regime of Eritrea. As a result of his journalistic work he had to flee his country.

He had an outspoken opinion about journalism: “A journalist is a person who's always looking for the truth, and never just reading what other people wrote for him.”
Free Press Unlimited, collaborated with the journalist since 2009. With great compassion and understanding for their situation he started to teach local journalists in Ethiopia recording and reporting skills. Also he wrote a manual in the local languages that has been a great help for the new reporters.

We will remember Solomon as a hard-working and dedicated man, deeply respected for his truthfulness.