Thursday, March 31, 2016
After a long preparation, the Brazilian edition of WADADA News for Kids, Reporter Ra Teen Bum, will start on the 12th of April.

On April 12, in São Paulo, the youth program Reporter Ra Teen Bum will be launched and on April 16 the first broadcast will follow.Reporter Ra Teen Bum is the Brazilian edition of WADADA News for Kids, the global news program for children and youth by Free Press Unlimited. It will be produced and broadcast nationwide by TV Cultura. TV Cultura is committed to the program, which will be shown on prime time: saturday evening 20:00.

However, establishing the program was not an easy achievement. For more than a year, Free Press Unlimited reported that Reporter Ra Teen Bum would start. But each time the launch was postponed, partly because of the economic crisis that hit Brazil very hard since the last presidential elections. And recently the producer, Ivan Isola Negro died. A big loss.

55 million children

"It brings great joy to all of us that the program will be shown on television after all," says Jan-Willem Bult, head of Children, Youth & Media at Free Press Unlimited. "There are 55 million children in Brazil. You can already vote when you are 16. And yet all this time there was no national program of news, opinions and stories for the youth. Reporter Ra Teen Bum not only gives all those children and young people entry to news that is appropriate for their age, it also gives them a platform."