Friday, February 10, 2017
UNICEF Ukraine and Free Press Unlimited are going to work together to organize a weekly WADADA News for Kids news program in Eastern Ukraine.

2 million children in Eastern Ukraine will soon gain access to young people’s stories and experiences. The program will be made in cooperation with seven regional TV stations and young people’s studios in Dnipro, and young people will be trained as reporters.

Ukraine is the nineteenth country to join WADADA News for Kids, the international network that provides news programming for children and young people. The news programs attract at least a hundred million viewers and listeners worldwide. The international network means that program items can be shared with children in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia and South Africa.

The conflict in Ukraine has seriously impacted the lives of 580,000 children. Two years of violence, shelling and fear have left their mark on the children of Eastern Ukraine. “We look forward to hearing the stories, opinions and news told from the perspective of the children and young people in Ukraine,” says Jan-Willem Bult, Head of Children, Youth & Media at Free Press Unlimited. The collaborative project aims to connect children in Eastern Ukraine with the rest of the world, and to offer them new hope and a new perspective.

Free Press Unlimited organizes news programmes all over the world, with the aim of informing children about the world around them and giving them a platform to share their opinions and their stories. This gives children the chance to develop themselves into critical thinkers who can fully and actively participate in society. The individual news programs from countries such as South Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, Nepal and Peru work together in a network and swap news items, so the children do not only learn about their own region, but also about the lives of children their own age in the rest of the world.